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Coinbase’s S-1: The Number That May Make the Exchange Nervous

Jeff Roberts, executive editor at Decrypt and author of “King of Crypto: One Startup’s Quest to take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and Onto Wall Street” talks about Coinbase going public. In this episode we discuss:

  • Jeff’s biggest takeaways from Coinbase’s S-1 filing (0:56)
  • why institutions are choosing Coinbase (2:42)
  • how Coinbase going public feels like validation for bitcoiners (4:37)
  • issues Coinbase may face as a business that currently generates 96% of revenue through transaction fees (6:25)
  • Why Surojit Chatterjee has so much equity in Coinbase (11:29)
  • why Coinbase has only invested $130 million in crypto through its corporate treasury (12:26)
  • whether or not decentralized exchanges like Uniswap pose a threat to Coinbase, and whether unregulated centralized exchanges might squeeze them from the other end (15:41)
  • challenges Coinbase will face going forward (19:13)
  • how well the stock will do once it’s listed (20:05)
  • Crypto News Recap (20:59)

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Kings of Crypto:

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How Do You Get Paid to Go to College?

Get Paid to Go to College

College education is expensive. Everyone talks about the burden of debt that it brings along with it, often wondering if the cost is worth it. However, a college education can be truly invaluable on so many levels. Moreover, there are many different ways to hack the system. You can even get paid to go to college.

It’s Worth It to Try to Get Paid to Go To College

It’s relatively easy for many young people to get student loans. In fact, older people returning to college also often have easy access to large loans for higher education. Despite the availability of loans, it’s worth it to take the extra time to try to get paid to go to college. After all, college costs tens of thousands of dollars. Why would you burden yourself with that amount of debt when you could potentially get paid to go to college instead?

Fill Out Your FAFSA

The first step planning out the financial side of your college education is filling out your FAFSA. Through this application, you provide the federal government with information about your financial status. They reply with information about the loans, work-study opportunities, and grants that are available to you based on financial need. Look first at the grants and work-study opportunities. Loans should be your final resort.

Apply for Grants and Scholarships

FAFSA tells you about the need-based federal aid that you’re qualified to receive. Therefore, it’s the first step if you want to get paid to go to college. The grants are “free money” that you can use to pay for college. Work-study allows you to earn money on campus to pay for college. In both cases, you reduce your college expenses by earning money.

However, these are only a handful of the grants and scholarships available to you. Take the time to seek out and apply for as many grants and scholarships as possible. In addition to need-based financial assistance, you can apply for grants and scholarships based on varying criteria including grades, family status, gender and other demographic factors, age, area of study, sports and community involvements, and essay-based applications. The more grants and scholarships that you apply for, the more money you might be able to make to go to college.

In addition to grants and scholarships, ask your college about tuition waivers. In many cases, colleges actually reduce or waive tuition fees. Each school is different but some of the qualifications for tuition waiver include financial need, cultural diversity needs of the school, status as a foster child or adopted child, disability, nontraditional student status (such as over age 60) and more.

Get Paid to Go To School Through Work or Military Service

You don’t have to go to college right out of high school. In fact, waiting until later can often open up opportunities to get paid to go to college.

Military Members Get Paid to Go to School

One of the most common routes historically has been to sign up for military service. The GI Bill helps pay military members to go to college. There are also other military tuition benefits, including some for family members.

Members of any branch of the military can get paid to go to school. However, each branch has its own rules and regulations around the terms of service. For example, according to, most branches offer assistance to both active duty and reserves members; however, the Marines only offer help to active duty members.

In addition to the GI bill and other military tuition assistance, military members as well as their family members have access to a variety of different grants and scholarships particular to their unique circumstances.

Corporate Jobs Pay You to Go to School

But the military isn’t the only career path that will send you to school. Sometimes you can get a corporate job that pays for you to go to college. For example, you might start out as an admin at a large company. After a certain period of employment, they pay you to get a degree in an area study that corresponds to the company’s job opportunities. Typically, you commit to a certain amount of work with them. Then you get paid to go to college to qualify to do that work.

There are some companies that will pay tuition for nearly all employees up to a certain amount per year. For example, according to eStudentLoan by Unigo, UPS employees are eligible to receive over $5000 per year in tuition reimbursement starting on their first day as a part-time or full-time employee. They list three dozen companies that offer corporate tuition assistance including Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Home Depot, Verizon, McDonalds, Chipotle, CVS, and JetBlue. If you’re looking to start a job now that will allow you to get paid to go to college, then check out this list.

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

If you do end up taking out student loans, then consider studying in a field that offers student loan forgiveness. Teachers qualify for student loan forgiveness. You might also consider social work or another opportunity to qualify for public service loan forgiveness. In either case, you do have to pay your tuition up front using loan money. Then you have to make your student loan payments (with varied options depending on your salary.)

However, over time, if you provide enough service in one of the qualifying post-graduation job positions, then some or all of your student loans will be forgiven without penalty. This provides a long-term way to get paid to go to college if you don’t qualify for up-front payment opportunities.

In addition to federal student loan forgiveness programs, you can find funding to forgive loans from other career-specific organizations. For example, The Balance recommends checking out Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program and National Institute of Mental Health Loan Repayment Program if you work in either of those fields after graduation.

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South Korean Investors Making more than $2,260 from Crypto to be Slapped with a 20% Tax in 2022

The South Korean Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced that investors making at least 2.5 million won, or approximately US$2,260 from crypto trading, will be subjected to a 20% tax starting in 2022. 

The revision of the South Korean tax code

This revelation comes following the nation’s annual tax code revision, which the National Assembly permitted in December. 

According to the announcement:

“The first 2.5 million won is tax-free. For instance, if an investor makes a 10 million won profit from trading Bitcoin, 7.5 million won of that amount will be subject to the 20 percent tax.”

The report further pointed out:

“Inheritances and gifts of cryptocurrency will also be taxed. In such cases, the price of the asset will be calculated on the basis of the daily average price for one month before and one month after the date of the inheritance or gift.”

Cryptocurrency taxation has been a burning issue in South Korea since the crypto taxation bill was brought up in the nation’s parliament last year.

For instance,  an influential representative of South Korea’s Democratic Party, Yang Kyung Sook, proposed an amendment to re-classify digital assets and cryptocurrency as “commodities” instead of “currency.”

Yang asserted that classifying crypto as goods rather than currency is due to investor behaviour, which he believes qualifies digital assets for a capital gains tax.

The delicate balancing act in crypto taxation

Cryptocurrency investors have been finding themselves in a difficult position because of the heavier taxes imposed on their gains, as compared with stock investment. A police officer surnamed Choi noted:

“I think it’s unfair to charge that much (cryptocurrency) tax when compared to taxes on stocks.”

Therefore, the South Korean government has been struggling to figure out how to deal with crypto taxation because the standard it intends to use is for other non-stock assets like real estate.

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How to Earn Quick Cash on Valentine’s Day

Earn Quick Cash on Valentine’s Day

Are you going to be free on Sunday, February 24, 2021? If so, then you might want to think about trying to earn quick cash on Valentine’s Day. There are a variety of different ways that you can boost your income with Valentine’s Day gigs. The more creative that you can get, the better. Here are some popular options as well as some more unique ways to earn quick cash on Valentine’s Day.

Most Popular Ways to Earn Quick Cash on Valentine’s Day

Every year, people who aren’t going out on dates on Valentine’s Day make use of the day to earn some side income. There are a lot of gigs that hire you just for that special day.

Valentine’s Day Deliveries

The most popular way to earn money on Valentine’s Day is to work as a delivery driver. Floral companies often hire drivers just for the day. After all, they get many more orders on this one day than they do throughout most of the year. In some cases, they’ll hire flower delivery drivers for the whole week.

Of course, people order all kinds of Valentine’s gifts, not just flower deliveries. Therefore, you might work for a variety of different types of stores as a Valentine’s Day delivery driver.

Moreover, during COVID, a lot of people are going to be ordering in take-out food for the holiday. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to sign up to work for services such as Postmates, Door Dash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, Caviar, and other food delivery apps.

Rideshare Driving

Although a lot of people are staying in for the holiday, many will also go out on the town. Therefore, if you’re signed up to work as a driver through apps like Lyft and Uber, then you’ll probably have a lot of opportunities to earn quick cash on Valentine’s Day.

Sell Your Handcrafted Items

If you already sell items online then make sure that you offer a Valentine’s Day deal. Even though the items won’t ship until after the holiday, if your sale is good enough, people will bite. You can also position it as a non-Valentine’s sale. For example, “lonely today? Buy one of my handcrafted goods to send to someone you care about. It’ll make them smile next week, and you’ll both feel better.”

Unique Ideas to Earn Quick Cash on Valentine’s Day

Although all of the popular options are great ways to earn quick cash on Valentine’s Day, you might be able to earn more if you get more creative. After all, if you can offer a product or service that nobody else is offering, then you can charge more for it.

What can you do during COVID? Take a cue from Meals on Heels, a drag queen group that began delivering meals and a show to people’s doorsteps as a way to continue performing while social distancing. You could come up with a similar idea for a performance – play music, sing a song, show up in costume and do a distance. Promote your services through your social networks and see if anyone wants to hire you as a gift to someone else for Valentine’s Day.

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Michael Moro on Tesla’s BTC Buy and the New Genesis Treasury

Michael Moro, CEO of Genesis Global, discusses Tesla’s purchase of $1.5 billion in bitcoin and Genesis’s new unit: Genesis Treasury. He also talks about how demand has shaped Genesis’ bitcoin and crypto offerings over the years, which events have acted as catalysts for institutional demand, and what Genesis is expecting in 2021. In this episode Michael covers:

  • The significance of Tesla allocating $1.5 billion to BTC (1:08)
    • How Tesla’s purchase is a result of the evolution of the asset class and why this is just the beginning
  • How Genesis got its start as a regulated BTC trading desk in 2013 (2:56)
  • What new products and services Genesis has launched since 2018 to meet institutional demand (6:11)
  • How Genesis came to launch Genesis Treasury and what this unit does (8:00)
    • Understanding the idea of bitcoin as a corporate treasury asset and how the stock market is rewarding companies for getting into crypto
  • What the catalysts were in creating corporate demand for bitcoin and where corporate demand for bitcoin is coming from (10:52)
  • How corporate interest in bitcoin correlated with Microstrategy’s Bitcoin for Corporations event (13:16)
    • Why institutions have been interested in Bitcoin as collateral, and why that narrative is new
  • How the conversation with institutions interested in buying bitcoin would be different in a bear market (16:00)
  • How GAAP accounting rules affect the quarterly earnings reports of publicly traded companies that hold bitcoin (19:03 )
  • His projections for how 2021 in crypto will play out (21:44)

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50 High Income Skills for 2021

2021 High Income Skills

The world seems like it’s changing so fast, doesn’t it? On the one hand, the global pandemic slowed life down in certain ways. But in other ways, like the ways we work, it has changed things dramatically. If you want to make money, then you have to be willing to pivot. So you might want to brush up on these high income skills for 2021.

What Is a High Income Skill?

Basically, it’s a specialized skill that anyone can learn in order to earn an income of five figures or more per month. Oftentimes, these skills require a college education. However, there are many ways to hack that education. In fact, lots of people have found that they can teach themselves or take shorter certification classes to begin developing high income skills.

Why It’s Important to Learn These High Income Skills in 2021

A lot of people are out there looking for new jobs. If you want to be relevant and in-demand then you need to learn (or brush up on) these high income skills in 2021. Even if you opt to work for yourself, knowing these skills will take you a long way. In addition to furthering your own business abilities, you’ll be able to recognize these skills in people you’re seeking to hire.

Most Important High Income Skills for 2021

We perused the entire first page of Google results to find out what people are agreeing on when it comes to the most important high income skills for 2021. There are three types of high income skills to explore further: skills in technology, trade skills, and skills related to teaching and leadership.

High Income Skills in Technology

Unsurprisingly, most of the high income skills recommended for learning in 2021 are related to technology. After all, we’re living in a mobile app / Zoom world. A lot of life takes place online. Therefore, a lot of people need to help build that online world. If you can get great at any of the following skills, then you should be able to earn good money in 2021:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. AI/ Machine Learning
  3. Audio production
  4. Big data analyst
  5. Blockchain
  6. Chatbot marketing
  7. Cloud computing
  8. Copywriting including blog posts, newsletters, and web pages
  9. Cryptocurrency
  10. Cybersecurity
  11. Digital marketing
  12. Ecommerce expert (which incorporates some of the other skills including email marketing and web design)
  13. Email marketing
  14. Mobile / app development
  15. SEO / SEM
  16. Social media management
  17. Software engineering / development
  18. Video production
  19. Web design / development including ui/ux design
  20. WordPresss developer

Some of these are skills that you can put to use immediately. For example, lots of people need help right now with SEO, WordPress development and copywriting. If you’re good at those and put in the hours, then you can earn a good steady income. On the other hand, some of these are cutting edge skills worth developing for a higher future income: AI and machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity fall into this category.

Trade Skills to Learn in 2021

There are plenty of people who are sick of the online world. They want to get their hands dirty. Think of how many people are turning to crafting, bread baking, backyard beekeeping and rooftop farming. We have an internal need for these things.

If you’re smart, entrepreneurial, and a little bit lucky then you might be able to earn a good income doing any of those things. For example, there are knit and crochet designers who also teach, author books, and earn an income from their blogs. Some of them are earning six figure salaries.

Of course, you might also want to simply learn the kind of trade skill that allows you to easily go work for someone else – with the potential to start your own business in the future. If that sounds right to you then consider the following:

  1. Carpenter / construction manager
  2. Dental hygienist
  3. Electrician
  4. Elevator repairman
  5. Home inspector
  6. HVAC technician
  7. Landscaper
  8. Mechanic – for cars, airplanes, and other machinery
  9. Nurse
  10. Phlebotomist
  11. Plumber
  12. Powerline repair technician
  13. Respiratory therapist
  14. Solar and wind power technicians

Teaching and Coaching Skills

Many people are best skilled at teaching others how to do things. Sometimes this falls into the “trade” category. However, the emphasis is really on your ability to help other people develop their own skills and talents. Some of the related high income skills for 2021 include:

  1. Business coaching particularly with a specialty for certain types of businesses
  2. Consulting work
  3. Meditation and yoga
  4. Project management

With all of these teaching and coaching skills, your best bet is going to be if you can do the work both online and offline. In other words, you’ll make the most money with a multi-pronged approach. In addition to teaching or coaching online, you should aim to develop your own online courses, audio books, video tutorials, etc. Put your teaching skills to use in several different ways to create varied income streams that will help you earn the income that you want to earn in 2021 and beyond.

More High Income Skills for 2021

In addition to the three major categories above, you might want to consider skill development in the following areas. These may be a career path and/or a boost to any number of other careers:

  1. Influencer, working with one or more brands
  2. Investing and day trading
  3. Legal and admin skills
  4. Public speaking
  5. Sales, especially of high ticket items including real estate, jewelry, and vehicles
  6. Sales funnel skills, which ties sales in with ecommerce and web marketing
  7. Translation services

Developing Broad Skills for Use Across Careers

Tony Robbins takes a different approach to figuring out the best high income skills for 2021. Instead of focusing on career skills that you can develop, he emphasizes developing your own personal growth skills. Then you can apply these to whatever career path you might choose. Moreover, they’ll help you out if you have to pivot again to a new career in the future. These types of skills include:

  1. Big picture thinking and thinking ahead
  2. Communication skills
  3. Knowing and sticking to what you’re passionate about
  4. Reliability; be someone others can count on
  5. Soft skills (empathy, listening, collaborating)

If you can apply these skills to one of the high income careers listed above then you’re likely to come out ahead in 2021.

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What Is the Minimum Wage in Dover, Delaware?

If you’re looking for a job in Delaware, you may be wondering, what is the minimum wage in Dover?

Workers in retail, warehousing, and the restaurant industry are often paid minimum wage. But if you receive tips or you’re an independent contractor, you may not be eligible for the state minimum wage. 

If you’re wondering what hourly wage you can expect to earn in different entry-level roles in Dover, keep reading. 

What Is a Minimum Wage? 

The minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate that an employer can legally pay a covered nonexempt employee. 

A covered nonexempt employee is basically an hourly worker who’s eligible for the minimum wage and overtime pay. Most employees fall into this category, except for certain types of workers like independent contractors. They aren’t legally entitled to the minimum wage because they aren’t considered employees. 

Tipped employees are also exempt from the minimum wage. Their employers are only required to pay them $2.13 per hour. But if they don’t earn enough tips to bring them up to the federal or state minimum, the employer must make up the difference.

The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour. But some states, cities, and counties have higher base wages that can increase your pay rate. 

Nearly 30 states including Delaware have minimum wage laws that require employers to pay workers more than the federal standard. Some big cities like San Francisco have also chosen to raise base wages to help workers afford the high cost of living. 

Now that you know what a minimum wage is, here’s some more info about the current minimum wage in Dover, Delaware. 

What Is the Minimum Wage in Dover, Delaware? 

As of October 1, 2019, the minimum wage in Dover is $9.25 an hour. Employers can pay workers in training and minors ages 14 to 17 at a lower rate of $8.75 per hour. 

Delaware’s minimum direct wage for tipped employees is slightly higher than the federal minimum at $2.23 per hour. If workers don’t make the full state minimum after tips are factored in, employers have to pay them enough to bring them up to it. 

The minimum wage in Dover is the same as the state minimum wage. A bill to increase Delaware’s base wage to $15 an hour is likely to be introduced in the state senate this year. 

Under the proposed plan, the minimum wage would rise to $11 in 2022 and undergo yearly increases until it reached $15 an hour in 2026. 

Is It a Living Wage?

A living wage is the amount of money you need to afford basic necessities like housing, food, transportation, and medical expenses without assistance. It doesn’t factor in the funds you’d need for retirement savings or fun experiences like travel. 

According to calculations by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a living wage for a single adult in Delaware is approximately $12.44 an hour. The minimum wage in Dover falls short of this at just $9.25 per hour. 

To make ends meet, you may need to live with roommates or take on a side hustle like driving for Uber. You can also try to upskill to get a job with a higher rate of pay. 

Do you think the minimum wage in Dover, Delaware is high enough? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Do You Know The Minimum Wage in Hartford, Connecticut? 

Side Hustles Galore: 5 Awesome Side Jobs You Should Try 

Ways a $10 Minimum Wage Would Help Employees 

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Saving Goals For 2021

saving goals

My saving goals for 2021 are radically different than in years past for obvious reasons–the global pandemic is forcing a lot of us to rethink our long-term plans with respect to saving money, getting a nest egg or maintaining one, and anticipating future financial problems.

Furloughs, layoffs, job loss…those were words we used a lot in 2020 and in the new year even with the promise of Coronavirus vaccinations and much more, it is entirely possible that we have NOT seen the true economic fallout from the last 12 months by a long shot.

Saving Goals = Making Certain Assumptions

Why do I say this? Because when you are planning your saving goals for the year ahead, you want to be able to assume certain things. When times are good, your local businesses staying in business depend on sales, advertising, partnerships, and more to survive and grow.

But the open-again, closed-again nature of the western world’s pandemic response means that some are treading financial water instead of thriving and the true extent of the damage might not be apparent until a business attempts to fully reopen and get back to business without the benefit of the same kind of cash flow, predictability in business, etc. of a “normal” year prior.

Layoffs, Furloughs, And The Damage Done

And that means a lot of us are in danger of losing our jobs when that damage is fully assessed. It would be pure speculation on my part to try to come up with a percentage of local businesses that might have to close once the damages are fully tallied.

So my saving goals for 2021 are more like “income diversity goals”. What I’d like to do is to maintain my current level of saving but in anticipation of a year that might be tight moneywise.

Anyone who works in the gig economy makes a smart move to have diverse income streams but in the current climate it’s no longer an option, really…even for those who think it is. You can’t afford to rely on one source of your income in a lot of cases because you simply don’t know what the future holds for your employer and subsequently for you.

So what’s my advice? This might be a very good year to assume that no gig or job is 100% stable. And instead of saving less, that actually means trying to save a bit MORE in anticipation that you might need to dip into your savings or contingency fund.

But short of that, here is my BEST advice:

While you are still employed and have a source of income coming in, it might be wise to consider planning ahead for later in the year when money could get tighter. What does this mean? Stocking up, slowly over time, essentials you might need to have at the exact moment when you are required to cut back on your spending instead of maintaining your current levels.

This means different things for different people. In my case, it means taking a bit of a financial bite NOW in anticipation of a major expense I’ll definitely have LATER–a laptop purchase is in my immediate future at the time of this writing because my current gear is older than five years and it’s at the end-of-support stages in a lot of cases.

So I’ll be cutting back on my usual indulgences (I can make coffee at home, thanks!) in favor of eating a bigger-than-usual expense now just in case I literally cannot make the same purchase again in six months due to a loss of income.

What this means for YOU is up to you. But it’s a good idea to plan and think this way just in case. Much of the time when I do this, I wind up laughing at myself later because there was no big emergency after all. But there have been a couple of cases where my prep did pay off, and I was seriously glad I did it.

Savings Apps to Try this 2021

App Fess and minimum: Best for:
Digit 30-day free trial period. $5 per month Setting aside automatically
Acorns $1 per month Spare change investing.
Qapital $3 membership Letting you set rules to automate savings.


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What Is the Minimum Wage In Denver, Colorado

Colorado flags over Denver street.

Have you ever wondered why Denver, Colorado is known as the “Mile High City?” Denver is situated exactly 5,280 feet, or one mile, above sea level. As a result of its elevation, Denver has over 300 days of sunshine and sunny weather annually. Denver also has over 200 beer breweries and microbreweries, which is the greatest number of breweries per capita relative to other cities. Also, you will get drunk easier because of Denver’s situational elevation and rarified air (alcohol will hit you 3% harder than at sea level). Do you love playing golf? Golf balls fly about 10% farther in Denver than in any city at sea level. The state capitol building in Denver was constructed with rose onyx, a material first discovered in Pueblo, Colorado in 1893. Since rose onyx has basically become depleted, the Denver Capitol is the only building to be adorned with the material. There are plenty of fun facts you should know about Denver, especially if you plan on moving there. And if you are planning to move there, then there is one question that you should ask; what is the minimum wage in Denver?

What is a Minimum Wage?

Before we explain the minimum wage in Denver, and hopefully before you pack your bags and head over there, we must first explain the minimum wage in more detail.

The minimum wage is a federally, state, or municipal mandated dollar per hour remuneration that must be paid as a baseline wage for eligible workers.

For example, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. The federal minimum wage has not increased since July 2009.

However, the state minimum can be higher or lower than the federal minimum wage depending on where you live. The U.S. Department of Labor has an interactive map where you can learn the minimum wage in each state.

Georgia and Wyoming are the only two states that pay a minimum wage well below the federal standard. Both states only pay a $5.15 minimum wage.

So, now that we understand the concept of the minimum wage better, what is the minimum wage in Denver?

What Is the Minimum Wage in Denver?

As of January 2021, the minimum wage in Denver is $12.32 per hour. In 2020, the minimum wage in Denver was only $12 per hour.

The Denver City Council increased the local minimum wage to $14.77 per hour, however that wage standard applies to employment relative to the council’s purview.

What you should keep in mind that Denver has a high cost of living standard. If you are a single adult with no children, you would need to make at least $30,000 or more to make a living wage.

A living wage is the amount of amount you need to make to satisfy the current cost of living standards. And the cost-of-living standards of the city you live in could be a lot higher than what a minimum wage pays you.

The average house in Denver costs $438,000. A typical house in New York City costs $403,000.

And a one-bedroom apartment in Denver costs $1,064 a month.

The minimum wage in California is $14 an hour. However, there are several cities and counties in California that pay citizens $15 per hour.

You can also make $15 per hour in Washington, D.C. However, the cost-of-living standards in California and Washington, D.C. is just as high, or higher, than in Denver.

Make sure you plan your personal budget and cost-of-living needs before moving to Denver or any other city.

Do you think the minimum wage in Arizona is high enough? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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What is The Minimum Wage in Alaska?

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How to Win Super Bowl Squares During the 2021 Game

how to win Super Bowl squares

The big game is just around the corner. It won’t be long before you’re sitting in front of your TV watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs playing Super Bowl LV to see who becomes the 2021 champion. You may even have put a pool together for the game with money or alternate prizes for some added fun. Here’s how to win Super Bowl squares (or at least better your odds).

How Super Bowl Squares Work

If you participate in Super Bowl football squares pool and it’s done correctly, there really isn’t any way to better your odds of winning. This is because the numbers for the game will be randomly assigned after all of the spaces in the game have been filled. This will mean that nobody knows which numbers they have until after they have already chosen squares. This ensures that those who receive the most coveted spaces do so randomly.

how to win super bowl squares

How to Win Super Bowl Squares

The key is that there’s no way to better the odds if the game is set up correctly. The reason that many times it’s possible to better your odds is that often these games aren’t set up correctly. You can do this by understanding the odds of what number combinations are most likely to appear from past Super Bowls. By knowing the number combinations with the greatest chance of appearing, you can choose those slots giving you a distinct advantage over those who join the pool later or don’t understand that some squares are much more likely to win than others.

When football squares are set up correctly, all participants must choose their square (among the white squares from the image above) before the 0 – 9 numbers for both teams are written (the grey squares in the above image). The mistake that happens more often than it should is that the 0 – 9 numbers are filled in before people choose their squares. When this happens, you can choose squares that are much more likely to pay than those that aren’t because you know exactly where they are. Even if you know nothing about football, you have a good chance of winning by knowing the numbers most likely to appear. Here are the numbers you need to know:

The simple rule of thumb is that you want squares that have the numbers 0, 7, 3 and 4 in them and avoid squares that have the numbers 2 or 5 in them. If you have your choice, you want to pick one of the five following combinations:

  • 0-0
  • 7-0 (0-7)
  • 3-0 (0-3)
  • 7-3 (3-7)
  • 0-4 (4-0)

Looking at all the past Super Bowls, this is how often all the numbers have appeared: “0” has appeared 101 times (26.9%), “7” has appeared 78 times (20.7%), “3” has appeared 58 times (15.4%), “4” has appeared 39 times (10.4%), “6” has appeared 31 times (8.2%), “1” has appeared 23 times (6.1%), “9” has appeared 17 times (4.5%), “8” has appeared 10 times (2.7%), “5” has appeared 10 times (2.7%) and “2” has appeared 9 times (2.4%).

Take Note of This And Good Luck!

By understanding that the 0-0 square (or any of the others mentioned above) is much more likely to appear sometime during the game than the 2-2 square (or any other square not mentioned above), you can greatly increase the chance that you’ll win one of the prizes given away. It’s important to note that these are the odds, and that doesn’t mean the above numbers are guaranteed to win. They simply suggest that going by past Super Bowl games, which numbers are much more likely to appear and which aren’t.

With the above knowledge, you could take advantage of any game put together where the 0-9 numbers have already been written on the sheet before filling in your square(s) and increase the likelihood of winning. A better course of action, at least in my opinion, would be to point out the flaw in the way the game has been set up. The game can then be properly set up so that it’s random and nobody has an advantage over anyone else when the numbers are chosen.

Finally, for a handy printable Super Bowl squares chart, go here.

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